Multi-Factor Authentication

Protecting your accounts with multi-factor authentication (MFA)

One more way to keep you safe

We are now integrating multi-factor authentication (MFA) into our Client Portal (web browser only) to add an extra layer of security for your accounts.

About multi-factor authentication (MFA)

MFA is a 2-step validation process requiring you to provide 2 types of information to confirm your identity.

It provides an additional layer of security to the sign-in process in order to ensure it is really you who is trying to access your accounts and reduces your risk of becoming a victim of identity theft, online fraud and account hacking.

How does it work?

When logging into your Client Portal (web browser), you will be prompted to enter your username and password, followed by the unique security code that will be provided to you through the authentication method you have selected.

Authentication methods available to generate your unique security codes

There are four methods for generating your unique security codes. One method is sufficient; however, you may set up more than one method.

Set-up takes just a few minutes. Click on a method below to find out how to set it up.

Download Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone to generate security codes.

How to configure Google Authenticator

Download Okta Verify app on your mobile phone to generate security codes.

How to configure Okta Verify

Receive security codes via text message (SMS) to your mobile phone.

How to configure text message (SMS)

Receive security codes via voice call to your mobile or landline phone.

How to configure voice call


No, you don't need a mobile phone to receive one-time security codes. You can also use a landline to receive your code by voice message.

You can only enter one phone number per authentication method.

The Client Portal will allow you to select an option of not having to complete MFA in a consecutive 2-hour span after your first log in on a given day. However, if you log in after more than 2 hours, you will be required to complete the MFA verification.

If you have poor or no cellular reception while in Canada, try Wi-Fi calling. This smartphone feature is available from your mobile phone carrier and allows you to receive text messages (SMS) over a Wi-Fi connection when you have little or no cellular network coverage. Please contact your wireless provider for more information.

Alternatively, we recommend you have a secondary authentication method set up which will allow you to complete the MFA verification, for example OKTA Verify or Google Authenticator. These authentication methods only require Wi-Fi.

One-time security codes through SMS or voice message provide a higher level of security to protect your Investia account information.

You can reset and re-choose your authentication methods from the Client Portal menu:

When in the Client Portal, click on the person icon:

  • Click on the multi-factor authentication option
  • Click Reset