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  • Presentation text

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    Please provide the same photo as provided to Alliance 9000. If you have never provided a photo to Alliance 9000, you must provide a good-quality professional photo. The photo must be in colour and the background must be uniform and preferably a lighter colour. Accepted file formats are .jpg, .png or .gif.
    Read our photo guidelines (PDF, 473 ko)

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      Presentation text

      This text is your introduction and provides relevant information about your profession.

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      • Your training
      • Your values, your family or what you’re passionate about
      • Your community involvement
      • What motivates you to be a representative or what value you can bring your clients
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      Information about your team

      You can also add a professional photo of your assistant or the members of your team. The same photo standards apply.

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        You can also add a text to introduce your assistant or the members of your team, which includes relevant information about their work experience and involvement/role on the team.
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        Your service offer

        What products do you focus on primarily when selling?

        Check the products on which you will target your sales efforts. As needed, you can check all boxes.

        Savings and Retirement


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