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We will use this information to correctly identify you and to contact you as needed.

Personal information

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If your job title has changed, please provide your new representative's code.

Visual elements

At the top of your personalized Web page, a background photo will appear and you will have the option to choose among the following four options. Please check the one you wish to have on your page:

Please provide us with a digital copy of your business card. Accepted file formats are .jpg, .png or .gif. Your card will solely be used for compliance purposes.

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    Please provide the same photo as provided to Alliance 9000. If you have never provided a photo to Alliance 9000, you must provide a good-quality professional photo. The photo must be in colour and the background must be uniform and preferably a lighter colour. Accepted file formats are .jpg, .png or .gif.
    Read our photo guidelines (PDF, 473 ko)

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      Information about your team

      You can also add a professional photo of your assistant or the members of your team. The same photo standards apply.

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        You can also add a text to introduce your assistant or the members of your team, which includes relevant information about their work experience and involvement/role on the team.
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