Stay active in LinkedIn: the ideal way to promote yourself

LinkedIn is the ideal social media platform to promote your expertise and build your network of contacts.

Stand out and benefit from this platform, which has over 500 million users.

Post on LinkedIn in five steps!

  • Go to your LinkedIn page.
  • Click on Home at the top of the page.
  • Click on Start post.
  • Draft your post. Remember to add your personalized links; or advisor code if necessary. If your post contains a photo, click on the Photo option to add it.
  • Click on Post.

To help you post on a regular basis, we have made posts available in our post bank.

Another way to be active: share! To do so…


Share an interesting post in your feed by clicking on Share.

1_icon_partager Group 6


Choose the Share to feed option.



Add your personalized text in the shared post.

Linkedin_Etape-3 Group 23


Click on Post.

3_icon_publier Group 3

How to stay active?

  • Share posts related to your job or your profile.
  • Like articles and posts from your network.
  • Congratulate your contacts on their work anniversaries or when they get a new position.
  • Write articles related to your profession.
  • Recommend your connections and ask for recommendations from your network.
  • Add a personalized message when you ask to add someone to your network.
  • Don’t forget to follow company pages related to your work.

By staying active, your profile will be seen and shared more and new opportunities will open up to you. However, remember that LinkedIn is a professional network, so no cat pictures or photos of your kids.

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