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From where you are to where you want to be

Whether you’re just starting out as an advisor, looking to grow your book or thinking about a succession plan, Investia is the place for you. As one of Canada’s leading independent wealth management firms, we’re committed to helping you put your clients first. To that end, we offer a variety of leading-edge digital platforms, online tools and practice management resources that enable you to provide your clients with a superior level of service.

My situation

  • I’m dedicated to helping my clients grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom
  • I value my independence and want to provide unbiased financial advice
  • I’m looking for compensation that reflects my efforts and potential
  • As an entrepreneur, I have a lot of initiative and ambition

The Investia advantage

  • Our independent structure allows you to choose the products and services that are right for your clients
  • Our highly competitive payout model lets you to build your practice as you see fit
  • We offer financial support if you’re looking to acquire a book of business
  • We help maximize your potential by offering you the support of a seasoned advisor to provide guidance and coaching
  • Our in-depth training and development programs offer support tailored to your needs

"I made the right choice and my future has never been so bright."

James Scholes, BA
Financial Advisor

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My situation

  • I’m an experienced advisor looking to join an established firm that will help me take my practice to the next level
  • I’m looking for the technology that supports me in managing my book more efficiently
  • I want to grow and increase the profitability of my business
  • As an entrepreneur, I want to join a firm that allows me the freedom to manage my business as I see fit

The Investia advantage

  • We provide tailored coaching to maximize asset growth and boost your business
  • We offer financial support if you’re looking to acquire a book of business
  • Our practice management team is dedicated to helping you increase your practice’s efficiency
  • We provide digital tools and platforms that make it easy for you to do business with us and your clients

"From day one, we have been impressed by the high level of support from all areas of the company."

David E. Morse, PFP, CEA
Senior Financial Advisor

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My situation

  • I’m planning my transition to retirement and would like to join a firm that offers succession planning
  • I'm looking to remain active but sell a portion of my book
  • I’m retiring or getting out of the business and want someone to buy my book

The Investia advantage

  • We’ll find the right advisor to buy your book
  • We provide financial support to the advisor interested in buying your book
  • Our in-depth succession planning program supports your short- and long-term goals

"I’ve been in the mutual fund industry for over 25 years and I intend to retire with Investia."

Stephen G. Syms, BA, MPA, IGS
Financial Advisor

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A smooth transition

Our experienced transition team will take care of all the details so you can stay focused on your clients. With a full array of tools and programs, such as our digital client onboarding process, we ensure a seamless transfer of your book.

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  • Confidential consultation
  • Analysis of your book of business
  • Personalized transition plan
  • License transfer
  • Training
  • Transfer of assets

"Investia was incredibly professional and supportive during the transition of my practice from another dealer. Everyone involved was very sensitive to the needs of my clients and to me as an advisor. They kept us on track, answered all of our questions and provided valuable insight and advice throughout the process."

Christopher L. Gorman,
MBA, QAFPTM, CLTM, CHSTM, CETM, Financial Advisor

Who we are

With over $56 billion in assets under administration, Investia is one of Canada’s largest and most trusted independent wealth management firms. Our network of investment fund advisors is dedicated to serving the wealth planning needs of individuals, families and business owners from coast to coast.

At Investia, our core mission is for you to succeed as an advisor. And we believe your expertise, your holistic approach to wealth management and your personal commitment to the clients you support and advise are key to ensuring they all reach their investment goals.

Backed by 125 years of strength and stability

Investia is owned by iA Financial Group, a renowned financial services provider since 1892. One of the largest publicly traded companies in the country, iA Financial Group serves more than four million clients and has over $221.2 billion assets under management and administration.

Industry-leading digital tools

In today’s technology-driven landscape, it’s critical for you to have access to integrated, user-friendly digital tools to enhance your clients’ experience, streamline business processes and bring greater efficiency to back office operations and compliance procedures.

At Investia, we take pride in our commitment to providing advisors like you with industry-leading technology so you can stay one step ahead of your peers and deliver the convenience and value today’s clients expect. Our full suite of progressive digital tools include:

The gold standard for fully integrated digital back office solutions, providing real-time processing, web access, built-in compliance and much more.

Example Univeris integrated platform example

This intuitive, mobile-friendly site is easy to use and provides clients with all the information they need to track their investments and securely exchange documents and messages with you.

Example Client portal example Example Client statement example

Our user-friendly interface provides single-sign-on access to all of our digital tools.

  • Mirror access to the client portal
  • Electronic signature management
  • Secure exchange of documents with head office and clients
Example Advisor portal example

If you are or want to be fully digital, you’ll be right at home when you join Investia. We offer:

  • Digital account opening and transactions
  • E-signature functionality
  • Secure online document exchange
  • Bar-coded, automated imaging system
  • Client electronic fund transfer capabilities
  • 100% paperless office capabilities
Example 100% digital processing example

Our powerful and easy-to-navigate advisor dashboard is fully integrated with Univeris, putting everything you need to know about your business and clients right at your fingertips.

Example Advisor dashboard example

Bring a new level of efficiency to planning client meetings – both in the office and in the field – with client segmentation and sorting by geographic area.

Example Geolocation dashboard example

Our investment, savings, tax and other calculators will help you build, monitor and update financial plans and create customizable reports to help clients understand how they’re progressing toward their goals.

Example Calculators example Example Financial plan example

This client segmentation tool is linked to Univeris and offers a range of features and capabilities not typically found in other similar tools in the marketplace.

Example Segmentation tool example

Compensation and account options

Investia offers attractive compensation with full support for commission- and fee-based advisors:

  • Competitive grid with weekly compensation.
  • Competitive payout model lets you keep more of what you earn and determine your own unique expense structure.
  • Wide range of account options – nominee, client-name and intermediary – to suit the way you and your clients wish to do business together.

Best-in-class research

When you join Investia, you’ll have access to a deep pool of in-house and third-party research to help you make the right choices for your clients’ portfolios. Resources include:

  • Recommended funds list with detailed analysis of each mandate.
  • Monthly mutual fund reports offering insights on current and developing trends.
  • Special reports on cash management and fund-of-fund solutions.
  • Regular market and economic commentary from some of the industry’s most respected portfolio managers and economists.

Development and support

We’re dedicated to our advisors’ success. That’s why we offer regular professional development opportunities and ongoing support, including:

  • Annual best practice conferences and roadshows.
  • In-person and virtual training programs for advisors and support staff.
  • Access to in-house CE credits.
  • Practice Management teams that provide ongoing training and support.
  • Regional Vice-Presidents and head office managers who can assist with all aspects of your book.

Contact Us

Please reach out to one of our Regional Vice-Presidents to learn more about the benefits of joining the Investia family of independent investment fund advisors.

Atlantic Region

& Manitoba

British Columbia, Alberta & Saskatchewan

A Message From the President

Aspiring and established advisors have a wide range of choices when it comes to deciding which firm to call home. But not all firms offer their advisors the same degree of choice on how to run their business. At Investia, we pride ourselves on our entrepreneurial spirit and culture of independence, enabling you to build and grow your practice on your own terms.

When you join Investia, you do so as a business owner, with all the freedom that entails. From staffing and clientele to office arrangements and marketing, your business is your own and for you to run as you see fit. And with greater autonomy and responsibility come greater rewards: our high payout model lets you keep more of the revenue you earn and allocate it as you deem best for yourself and your business.

We are here to support our advisors every step of the way. From transition assistance and practice management to business development and best-in-class digital tools, we have the infrastructure you need to build and grow a profitable and efficient practice, allowing you to stay focused on what matters most – delivering the exceptional client experience that has made Investia a name Canadian investors can trust.

Investia is one of the country’s largest and fastest-growing mutual fund dealers, and we are always pleased to welcome dynamic, independent-minded advisors who share our unwavering commitment to helping investors achieve their financial dreams. We hope to hear from you and work with you towards this inspiring and rewarding goal.


Louis H. DeConinck
President, Investia Financial Services Inc.

There are many things I like about the Investia business model aside from the ability to offer clients unbiased access to the full range of lower-cost mutual funds and insurance products. The flatter management structure creates a refreshing openness, the culture is welcoming and the company does a great job of listening, making improvements and reducing impediments. I made the right choice and my future has never been so bright.

James Scholes, BA,
Financial Advisor

Several years ago we were looking for a new national partner that offered a streamlined client service platform and supported our growth objectives. After several interviews with other firms, Investia was our clear choice and we’ve had no regrets.

From day one, we have been impressed by the high level of support from all areas of the company. Investia has the unique ability to combine the strengths of a very large company, such as state-of-the-art, simple-to-use technology, with a wonderful family atmosphere. Senior management’s advisor-and-client-first culture creates a very positive, enjoyable and productive atmosphere that permeates all areas of the company.

David E. Morse, PFP, CEA,
Senior Financial Advisor

I’ve been in the mutual fund industry for over 25 years and I intend to retire with Investia. The corporate culture is friendly, the support teams are helpful and the systems are very user-friendly. Investia wants you to succeed and grow your business with confidence. And of course, the compensation structure is extremely competitive.

Stephen G. Syms, BA, MPA, IGS,
Financial Advisor