Why an advisor

Your advisor has a range of tools adapted to each situation to help you make sound decisions for your personal finances and your financial future.

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More assets with an advisor

Studies show that by seeking the services of an advisor, you will have about 2.3 times the assets than by not being advised1.

Meeting regularly with your advisor allows you to review your investments and adjust your plan according to changes in your situation. Your advisor will also ensure that your insurance needs are up-to-date.

1 Claude Montmarquette and Alexandre Prud’homme, 2020

A customized action plan to reach your goals

Your action plan is continuously adapted to your needs through periodic meetings with your advisor.

Your advisor is there to encourage you to take action, to protect you from emotional decisions and to maintain the investment discipline needed to keep your financial goals on track.


Constant guidance

Your advisor helps you to make good decisions when it comes to your personal finances and your financial future.

The objective: increase your assets and reduce your debts.

Your advisor can also propose beneficial tax strategies: income tax reduction, using the TFSA, maximizing your RRSP, disbursement strategies, etc.